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Gemma Textiles

Gemma Textiles designs and creates thoughtful, striking and inspiring clothes for the independent woman. All Gemma Textiles clothes are hand-made by Gemma Buxton in her workshop on the south coast of the UK.

All of my designs have evolved out of garments I made originally for myself when I couldn't find clothes on the high street or in vintage stores that defined how I felt about myself or worked properly for my lifestyle.

I've always been interested in how fashion creates shapes for people to inhabit. This fascination in form and the body led me to study sculpture at college, and has combined with a lifelong love of the potential for colour and texture in fabric, to help me create this collection of signature garments.

To be happy within ourselves and our environment, I think it's important live as carefully and sustainably as possible. Gemma Textiles clothes focus on using reclaimed textiles, either from post-consumer waste or dead stock from the fashion industry. I'm also investigating how to best integrate carefully sourced, home-dyed organic linens.

The recognisable colour-block style of Gemma Textiles clothing means that every garment is truly one of a kind. 



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