I grew up in secondhand clothes and learnt how to make clothes by altering and adapting them, rather than by following shop bought patterns. 

Reclaim Reuse Upcycle  I still love working with secondhand clothes, so I get most of my fabrics from charity shops. Whilst I favour natural fibres, linens, cotton, wool, there will sometimes be mixed fibres in some garments. Gemma Textiles recommends washing at 30° on a gentle or handwash cycle. Buy Less Buy Well and Look After Your Clothes If you care for your clothes they will last longer. And when they're tired, you can patch them. Gemma Textiles clothes come with character built in, and your own patches will only add to their beauty! If you'd like me to patch for you, I can do this for an agreed price.

Some linings and seam bindings are made from new fabrics. Where I can, I buy organic and use natural or botanical dyes to add colour. Follow my journal for my natural dye experiments.

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