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Even when you love what you do,  when you take a break to recharge and be with your family, it's possible to loose momentum, and this is when running a one woman business needs extra energy.

For me, the most exciting part of making clothes is choosing the colours to put together.

I never have enough fabric to choose from (of course), but sometimes having a preset limitation can stretch your creativity.

From a big stockpile, and having decided which garment designs I'm planning for, I would first need to select an appropriate weight of fabric, then I can play around with the colours.

I have some classic colour combinations that get me excited, often it's a dark with a bright, or bright with sombre combination. Building on that, there is great joy in creating combinations of colours. I don't have strict rules, but it's a similar process to how I would put together different colour garments to make a satisfying outfit.

The more colourful and eye-catching of the Gemma Textile garments make a good starting point for a special outfit. I hope to add some versions of the popular Gemma Textile designs in plain colours to my range in the future, so my different designs can be combined without patchwork overkill!