Loved Clothing Lasts

Real Sizes.

My jacket and dress designs are sold in 3 sizes at the moment. Because these don't immediately relate to dress sizes that customers are used to, as I list things in the webshop I try to include real size information. This comes in the form of 'flat-lay' measurements. 


I'm also playing around with some design sketches that I can write the measurements for each garment on for each listing.

The way I piece my garments, and the different fabrics I choose means each garment is quite unique and even when cut from the same size pattern, one will end up slightly different to the next. The necklines and pockets are mostly decided on after I've pieced front and back and decided which will be which.  

I believe strong women deserve characterful clothing, so the journey through choosing colours and fabrics and allowing each dress to evolve while it's being made, is one I enjoy every moment of.